Cotton weft fabric
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Linen cotton is cotton hemp containing ingredients, also known as cotton interwoven fabric. The following is Xiaobian introduced cotton cloth, and then Xiaobian together to learn about. Cotton linen feel hard, Mao Yuduo, is not suitable for clothing materials. The fabric finishing method, successfully developed cotton and jute fabric woven cotton cloth. Cotton and linen natural environmental protection, from planting to handwoven cloth, sewn into sheets, do not use pesticides and chemical dyes, textiles, does not contain formaldehyde, azo metal ions, in full compliance with the EU textile biochemistry standards "banned carcinogenic - azo dyes, the real green ecological textile treasures. Cotton and linen can improve sleep, use cotton cloth, make human body produce tepid effect, increase the microcirculation of human body, effectively regulate the nervous system, dredge the meridians, improve sleep quality. The above is a small series for you to summarize the knowledge about cotton linen, I hope to help you. Welcome to call us or visit our guide to visit, look forward to your cooperation. Small series: Cui (modified date: 2013.09.12) Small series: Lily (2014-7-15)